Written by Alex Biello, Realtor - Myrtle Beach Premier Properties

Buying a home can be super exciting, but we frequently see buyers making these three big mistakes when looking to purchase. 

#1 - Looking for homes before getting pre-approved

Talk to a lender first and get a clear idea of what your budget is so you are not surprised later on. This means do not lie or stretch the truth and do not make any financial decisions that may affect your credit during the process. This will also help you be sure to be looking at houses in your price range so you are not disappointed.


#2 - Not hiring an agent

Purchasing a new home or any real estate is a large transaction. You need a professional to represent you, negotiate to get you the best price, and facilitate the whole process.


#3 - Looking at too many houses

If you look at 5+ houses in a day, they will all start looking the same and will only make your search more confusing and stressful. Narrow down your search first before actually previewing houses by driving through the neighborhoods you are looking in to be sure you love the area.